Clark Co Detention Center

Clark County Detention Center Las Vegas
Clark County Detention Center Las Vegas

Many people have questions about the Clark Co Detention Center in Las Vegas, largely due to the fact that so many people are housed there for some reason. Sometimes it can be rather difficult to get all of these questions answered, especially when it is unclear exactly how the entire process works.


To make matters worse, people that are trying to find out how to deal with someone that is being held there are often facing a very stressful time in their life. This only serves to make everything more difficult. Therefore, it is helpful to become familiar with a few things about the Clark Co Detention Center in Las Vegas.

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What is the Clark Co Detention Center?

The Clark County Jail is a holding facility that is designed to hold an undisclosed number of inmates who have committed various types of crimes. It is a facility that is utilized to house inmates across various walks of life and in some cases, they are able to either get out on bail or move on to another facility fairly rapidly. For others, the stay is a longer one, largely due to prison overcrowding and the fact that inmates are typically held wherever an open-cell exists. The building itself is similar to many other detention facilities. It is a multi-level reinforced building that is capable of housing inmates in different sections of the building.

CCDC Inmate Search - Clark County Detention Center
CCDC Inmate Search – Clark County Detention Center

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Where is the Clark Co Detention Center Located?

The Clark Co Detention Center is located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. This is in the southern part of the state. Even though it is located in downtown Las Vegas, it is used mainly by the county. However, as was previously mentioned, its location puts it in prime position to be utilized by the city of Las Vegas as well. As a result, the building is used rather extensively for both Clark Co and Las Vegas. It houses inmates that get processed in from both the Clark County Detention Center and Las Vegas law enforcement agencies. Even though overcrowding is a problem, the Detention Center was placed in this location so that it could serve as many agencies as possible.

What Happens When Someone is Detained in Clark Co?

When someone is detained, the first thing that happens is that they get processed in, or booked, into the Clark Co Detention Center. Regardless of whether the inmate is brought in by the county or by Las Vegas police officers, there is a certain process that must be followed. This includes keeping a complete record of the inmate’s name and the identity of the arresting officer. A photograph of the inmate is taken and the individual is then directed to the proper section of the building. Of course, the inmate has the opportunity to contact a loved one or a friend and find out about hiring an attorney, getting the necessary bail money and letting everyone know what has happened.

Clark Co Detention Center Inmate Search
Clark Co Detention Center Inmate Search

How Do I Find Someone in the Clark Co Detention Center?

Finding a person who is in the Clark Co Detention Center in downtown Las Vegas is really much easier than most people actually believe it to be. There are essentially two ways to find out if a loved one or a friend is being held there. One way is to go to the facility’s website and look up the information using the potential inmate’s last name. However, the most comprehensive way to find out any pertinent information is to call the facility directly and ask whether or not a particular individual is being held there. The number can also be found on the Clark Co Detention Center’s website. Staff members there will be able to confirm or deny the presence of a person and they can also provide that information before it would show up online.

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How Do I Get Someone Out of the Detention Center?

There are a number of ways to accomplish this goal. The first is to provide bail for the individual in question so that they may leave the facility and await trial. This can be handled by either making arrangements directly with the facility and then setting up the necessary bail with the court system or it can be handled by a lawyer that is hired on behalf of the inmate. If money is a grave concern, an attorney can work on the inmate’s behalf that is provided for them by the court system. Dealing directly with the court system is the most effective way of getting someone out of the facility.

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This particular facility is really not that much different than many of the other facilities that exist all across the country. The Clark Co Detention Center is quite busy and as such, it is one of the most prevalent buildings related to law enforcement in Las Vegas, as well as Clark Co.

CCDC Inmate Search - Las Vegas, Nevada
CCDC Inmate Search – Las Vegas, Nevada